My Thirty-One Business

Yes, it’s true. I am a crazy bag lady! Can you really blame me?

On February 27th, 2013 I purchased the Thirty-One Enrollment Kit with absolutely no intentions of selling it. If you know me, you know I like to get the best deal possible, and the best deal in the amazing Thirty-One Catalog was the kit on the back page. I planned on being what we refer to as a “kit-napper”. Well someone had other plans for me! When I told a few people that I had purchased the kit they asked to do book parties, I sent them on their way with a couple of catalogs and a order forms and in a few weeks, they handed them back. My sister-in-law had a $700+ book party and I earned almost $200 for doing very little work! I thought “ok, you would be crazy to not see where this could go!” So I changed my mind set from a kit-napper to a business and started to WORK my business!

I promoted to Senior Consultant in August 2013 and then Director in October 2013.

Thirty-One has blessed me with many things, but what I cherish the most is the friendships that I have made through Thirty-One with my team members, hostesses, and guests. It truly is so much  more than a purse.

4 Ways to Get Your Thirty-One Fix:

  1. Place an Order! Looking for just one or two things? You can shop online at If you need assistance please email me at and I would be happy to help!
  2. Host a Party! If you have more than a few things on your Wish List, hosting a party is the best way to get products for free, half off, or exclusive products just for hostesses! My parties are full of fun, laughter, giveaways, and of course some amazing products! I absolutely LOVE giving women an excuse to have some girl time and reconnect with friends that they haven’t seen in a while! I offer Home Parties, Catalog Parties, and Facebook Parties!
  3. Host a Fundraiser! I offer a variety of fundraisers that can help your child’s school, sports team, church group or other group/cause earn money! Each fundraiser is unique and will be formatted to help you and your group earn as much money as possible!
  4. Join My Team! Team B31ieve is a truly unique team filled with women who were once strangers, but now best friends that consider each other sisters! We work together to earn income, free products, and other amazing incentives that the company offers. You can find out more about how I fell in love with Thirty-One here: { Why Thirty-One? }


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    • Hi Catherine! I’d love to chat with you about different ways some of my team members have come up with the money needed to join 🙂 If you’d like to reply with your email or link to your FB profile I can get ahold of you 🙂


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